Lennard's Trip 2007 travel blog

The fierce bad kea

New 2 way road bridge near Arthur's Pass

Shower screen taking the stream over the road

Old road & rail bridge combined.

Church with waterfall view

After picking up the mobile home in Christchurch we set off for the hills. Straight roads over wide plains until we reached the mountains. As before, there was little traffic & we reached Arthur's Pass just before dark. This was just a little campsite by the railway line & road with a kitchen & loo - more for walkers & climbers.

As before the trains were fairly noisy when they came but there were only a couple through the night. Keith was very impressed that they needed 5 engines to tow the goods wagons as the gradient is so steep. Likewise the road had big trucks with big trailers but there were very few & about one every 5 minutes through the day. The roads even through the passes were great - just single track over the creeks & if the big trucks could get through - so could we!

Arthurs pass is a big tourist spot so we just had a wander round while we ate our breakfast apples. We had seen the signs not to feed the keas (alpine parrots) & the next morning we saw why! 2 homed in on us & our apples and followed use with malace until we'd eaten them & carefully put the cores in the rubbish bin with the weighted lid! They then ambled off to inspect the rest of the area taking time to check out the patio doors of the few houses before flying off.

There is a very pretty, very high waterfall just behind where we camped & a church built by mountaineers in memory of friends. The church window framed a view over the waterfall perfectly.

Then onto the glaciers!

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