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Our Ferry

Looking From Ferry in Mopti

Piroques on Niger in Mopti

View of Mopti Port

Smaller Piroques Going to Timbuktu

In Our Ferry Cabin

Tim Writing in Journal on Way to Timbuktu

First Port of Call...Niafunke

The Whole Village Appears To Sell Whatever They Can + Carts Wait...

Kids Swimming (All Boys of Course)

Looks Like This One Up Front Has Fish

The River Scene

Next Port, Dire and Tons of Freight to Go

Dire, Lots of Sellers From Boat Swarm to Shore As Well

Look Down From Ferry Roof - Port Dire

Logs Loaded Aboard

Watermelon Anyone?

Sunset and Still in Dire

Riverside Economy...Fishing or ?

View of River & Shore

Hmmm, Seems a Bit Precarious

Arriving in Korioume (Port of Timbuktu, 12 Km Away)

Nov 23...Up for tea & bread w/ tiny bit of jam. Up top in the cool breeze the Niger R. is flanked by villages both permanent on higher ground and fishing(flooded only occupied later when water goes down for 4 to 6 mos). Scenery chges from green eucalyptus trees to rice growing to much dryer & sand banks and then back to rice, etc.

In our conversations w/ Marta we learn she was in on the 2nd most important discovery after King Tut in mid-East in 2002 in Syria(see Natl Geo. Feb or Mar 2005)=Teu Mishrife/Qatna(Homs). Fascinating!

Enrico Sborgi(partner soon to be hubby) Google to see article about his time in they are in Niger, Niami.

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