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I'd swear that it warmed up 5 degrees as we passed through Greek formalities. The train took off into the Greek countryside and continued accelerating, wow, speed. I hadn't really thought about it but trains in most of Eastern Europe trundle and click clack their way from destination to destination, now I felt like I was in danger of actually getting somewhere, I got the GPS out - 85mph - on welded tracks. In just over an hour we rolled into Thessoloniki but had moved through a timezone so I was still 2 hours late, the train I'd wanted to catch from here to Athens was less than an hour away. Unfortunately I was told that the train was full but I guess that it was just too late to book it. I asked for the next available train, she asked if I wanted normal or express, I said I don't mind, just the next train to get to Athens and was told 7pm. I was horrified at the cost €45, I was slightly peeved when I found out that the ordinary train left at 4:30pm and got to Athens half an hour before the express. I was very peeved when I read my ticket and realised that the cost of the journey was €15 and the Express supplement accounted for €30.

So I had 5 hours to see Thessoloniki rather than the original 3 I'd planned. I was surprised how big Thessoloniki is, it's a huge city, the Station doesn't score very well on information, no maps of the city or direction signs but it does have left luggage lockers so I ditched my bags and found my way to the centre. I wandered around finding sights to investigate and photograph and paid more for a coffee than I would have spent on a day's food last week, then slowly made my way back to the station for 7pm.

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