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Tanya on the Tram

Singapore is kind of like Disneyland....but without all the kids or the rides!!

Everything in Singapore looks brand spanking new. The skyscrapers, the roads, the restaurants, the river (which technically is new after a 10 year massive cleap up project), and even the people look like they were sculpted just last night. You can buy anything and everything (wallet impeding) that you ever wanted in Singapore from chep Chinese junk to Gucci and Prada. My mother and sister would lose their minds over the staggering number of air conditioned malls that fill this tiny island. The nightlife pumps also, but at $12 a drink we opted for cheap local beer from the 7-11 and enjoyed them in our hostel's lounge area.

We visited the extraordinary Singapore Zoo, probably one of the most fantastic zoos in the world. The layout, the atmosphere, the close relative viewing to the animals, the animal's scenery, the diversity of animals, and the ease at which one could get around made for a memorable day.

In fact, everything in Singapore is stupid proof. A terribly difficult thing to adjust to after visiting the incredibly "not stupid proof" India. The subway system, the bus system, the restaurants, the malls, the street (and street signs!!!!!...something they have NOWHERE in India) are all ridiculously user friendly. A nice change!

We arranged to meet the principal of the Canadian International School of Singapore on the day that Darren arrived. It went really well, an amazing school and programs. We left feeling that we might be hearing from him soon with possible job offers for next year. Always good to keep your options open.

Since we're travelling hobos anyways, we decided to include Australia in our trip, so we booked flights to Darwin, and then to Melbourne. Get ready to break out the lingo.

G'Day Mate!!

D and T

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