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On the beach in Sihoukanville

On a secluded island off the coast

boat ride to Bamboo Island

our group eyes for pirates

Cambodian sunset

strange rock formations

our cruiser to the islands

Good news first: My journal has just received a sponsorship from! It was good timing as my subscription was just coming to an end, and to tighten the belt I probably wasn't going to renew. I wouldn't have accepted the sponsorship if I didn't think MyTripJournal is a very good travel website. It's worked great for me and has saved hundreds of lost photos (it has unlimited photo storage), is a permanent record of my trip, and ofcourse has allowed my mom to keep track of me at all times. But enough quasi-promoting for now...

I ended up going south in Cambodia to the beach town of Sihoukanville. It's a great little spot with food and drink shacks scattering the beach, and plenty of white sand and warm water. And plus you don't have to go for more than 5 minutes without some small Cambodian women offering to sell you pineapple, massages, necklaces, a toenail clipping, weed, sarongs, haircuts and anything else they deem it absolutely necessary you must have at that moment. Ah, yes, paradise.

Went on a boat trip yesterday with a bunch of other travels to some islands off the coast. Paradise pretty much undisturbed. I have heard that the beaches here are like Thailand 20 years ago... not yet completely over-developed and laden with fat people in Speedos.

It was also good to meet up with people again. Since I have arrived in Southeast Asia I have been a little bit in self-exile. Moving around alot and being laid up sick for awhile has meant that I really haven't talked with a lot of other people other than the tuk-tuk drivers and guesthouse owners. This happens time to time being the solo traveler I suppose, and is why a lot of people back home are surprised when they learn I travel alone. Good thing I am way too tough to get lonely. Actually, it is usually the opposite that is the case, it is so easy to meet other travelers and form friendships quickly that you actually crave solitude. It is like a traveler's fraternity. Instead of carrying a membership card you share motorscooter-accident scars.

As for the bad news I guess there really isn't any other than it looks like a typhoon is going to hit southern Vietnam in the next day or so and Cambodia might get nailed as well. Might have to hole up with a good book for a couple of days. Or work on my new promoting job!

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