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Our Rooftop Sleeping Quarters at Mac's Refuge #1060

View From Rooftop Down at Pool, Mac's Refuge

Mac's Refuge

Mac's Refuge, Reception

Our Ferry to Timbuktu

Looking Down at the Port From Whence We Depart

A Piroque Heading Up Stream

Many Piroques Waiting For Travelers/Cargo

Closeup of Piroque & Interior

Locals Fishing?! #1072

Our Cabin on Board For Next 48 Hours

Departing at Sunset

Heading Upriver at Sunset #1075

Here to catch ferry to Timbuktu!

Another huge breakfast, bought homemade peanut butter and joined Jane/Cathal,Roger,George in taxi to Mopti. Walked around waterfront looking for food, not much to be had nearby...port is a chaotic mix of sheep/goats in bags waiting to be loaded for river travel, bags of all kinds of grains,people selling oranges,papaya,banana,mango,watermelon,guava,pineapple...we pass on a due to weight/bulk or not looking good (although Bon & Mari get mango & oranges). Met up with Marta/Enrico , good conversations w/ them. At 4 pm we load on board into 2nd class 4 person room, no fan,stuffy,home sweet home for next 48 hrs-2 nites. Miracle the boat left right on time at 8pm!

Wonderful sleep leaving door open once it cooled down...lots of piroques(local boat transport) leaving down river(N.-Niger flows N. then curls down and to Atlantic).

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