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Sandy beach

Old town

Last shot of "seagull"

At last, I've reached the other side of the country. The only bus to Shkadar in Albania on the station timetable is at 6am, so I was never going to make it anyway. I found a reasonable hotel near to the bus station to make getting there so early easier but when I checked in they said that they have their own bus at 6:30 am for the same price and it will pick me up outside the hotel. I've booked it but I'm not sure what I'm going to get.

Getting here before 3pm gave some time to see Ulcinj before sunset and of course to catch another sunset (2nd sunny day in a row). This is the main beach holiday area of Montenegro as it has sandy beaches not pebbles. It's a strange mix, it has a holiday destination feel with lots of multilingual restaurants and kiosks but it also has that border town seediness and edge to it. The beach was nice sand but it could still do with a major clean up campaign, although nowhere near as bad as Bar I wouldn't like to walk barefoot on any of it. So now an early night and the adventure of Albania tomorrow at last. I've been expecting Albania to be hard work but I didn't think actually getting there was going to be so difficult.

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