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Nov 20 & 21 Staying in Mac's Refuge has been a great time...we have met many many travelers incl ex PCV working with Carter Foundation on Guinea Worm problem(see & search yoursteveness), plus Ian & Jane who have been traveling to Ghana for many years after Jane(teacher) set up an "exchg" program with schools in Cornwall...very interesting folks and also fellow cyclotourists!!

Having the time to come to this internet site to upload has also relieved some of the stress of getting so far behind in my journal entries. Time has caused my brain to blend a lot of details from one day to the next and so even writing in my journal and referring back I lack clarity in what I was originally intending, ha!

I have to say that discussions with fellow travelers are much more enlightening than one could imagine, there are many, many folks of like mind ie the global "perfect storm" scenario I personally feel is approaching. It is indeed not an apocalypse approaching but more a build up of crises which world leaders have allowed by their inaction or inappropriate actions to pile up! Sort of like the pot holes in the roads here, the govt gets $ to build the roads, corruption in high ranking officials takes away half, and the road which is built is only 3" thick instead of 6", compounding the problem due to having a roadway which degenerates quickly, and becomes impassable so vehicles must drive alongside the paved part to make any time at all...the width of the "roadway" increases and during rainy season becomes even more eroded, And so it goes.

We spend our resources wastefully because we do not look beyond our own noses to any future for those around us. The concept of competition erodes cooperation to the extent that individuals see their only future in "making it" themselves instead of making a family, or village, or city, or country which serves everyone. The Chinese are coming into Africa in a big way, providing countries with money, manpower, and expertise to build the infrastructure necessary to extract the resources China needs. They do not ask or put limits or demands or contingencies on their aid, only requesting that they be allowed to buy the ore, oil, etc. that they so desparately need. Govts which like to show their people some kind of progress without having to change their corrupt practices are quite willing to commit to Chinese offers without "strings". I do not condone this, it is simply the reality that is happening on the ground. The Chinese are given 2 million visas, they bring in their workers who work only at night and the people go to bed to awake the next morning with a new bridge outside town, or a power station, or whatever...the locals are happy to have the new advantage, the work is done well and quickly(local labor would take months or even years to do the same work) and the local govt gets credit for it all without spending a dime out of their treasury(thus more money for continuation of their own corrupt practices)...everyone is happy and so it goes.

Even tho the claim is made that desertification has been stabilized in this area lately, the increase in population beyond merely sustainable levels(49% are less than 15 yrs old) and the increased competition between herders and agriculture places impossible demands on the water resources.

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