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Looking Down At Village #1032

Sanga & Dogon : The countryside E of Sevare to border is largely Dogon - millet & onions...actually, shallots.

Mac says the Dogon are very hard working agriculturalists. Besides the millet, the shallots are grown in plots they create on top of the flat rock surfaces above the escarpment on the plateau. They haul dirt up fro, rivers anda dd compost which comes from placing the remains from millet fields in pens where they then put their livestock(goats ,cattle,sheep). These eat the remains,tromp it down ,excrete on it, and the Dogon collect this organic fertilizer and put it in their garden plots . The shallots they harvest cutting off the green tops which they dry like chives. The shallots themselves they mash traditionally w / long handled flat bottomed mashers, form balls(like baseballs), dry them and ship to other neighboring countries...I guess likewise the dried greens. Mac says that now also they are getting hand driven, mechanical devices which make flakes that they dry and ship...value added & ready to use, ha !

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