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Next day, the 16th we found this great internet site as well so I am uploading as many pics as I can afford, ha!

Our travels have taken us thru much area suffering from deforestation...the countryside inside Mali to Bamako is definitely savannah, even rice paddies and low scrub trees...lots of burning of grasslands which being uncontrolled burns up trees as well. We see the same iron moundlets that were in Guinea, the soil being quite poor...marginal agriculture. Just inside of Mali there are huge cliffs and pinnacles of rock formations much like SW US but give way to flatlands. As we came closer to Bamako we saw lots and lots of mango orchards and piles of huge watermelons, since they have not way to keep them I m sure that many will spoil in the heat. It is quite dry here but just as hot.

The haze in Guinea and Mali is constant and all encompassing, we speculate that it is due to 1) pollution, they have many diesel vehicles and burn wood for cooking 2)fires from burning forest/fields 3)sandstorms/dust from the Sahara...or combo of all 3!

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