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On The Road Again #982

Nov 14...We had arranged nite before with Abrahim for taxi to pick us up at 7 am...right on time..he was such a great help the whole time we were here!! Taxi took us to taxi stand in town where we transferred to another(after a bit of negotiation on luggage as always), the total was just as Abrahim had said, 11,000 GF, we paid in advance this time just so there would be no qs! Taxi left at 730 to Mamou one hour we negotiated another taxi to Kan Kan trying to get a 9 person but the 6 person only lacked 1 more so rather than wait ?? to fill the 9 taxi we opted for a bit more crowding. Got a good exchg in $$ to pay for taxi(we had run out of GF and needed to exch CFA...we found that we can do this in almost any taxi station).

However, instead of taking the 6 hours to Kan Kan it was almost 8 altho the road was fine, surface was smooth most of the way except for a couple hours of pot holes which cost us time.

The Driver took us to the Centre d Accueil Diocesain...Catholic Mission guesthouse... where LP said it would be 20,000 a room, instead it was 60,000, so it goes, everything seems to be 30 to 50% more than LP says! In addition, no electricity so no fan! With our interest in Guinea drained and expensive room here we opted to leave 1st thing in am for Mali border.

Went to Hotel Bate where they told us a taxi to Mali would be 85,000 so figuring baggage another 5,000 GF per person we exchged just enuf US $ to get us there...hotel gave us 4100GF per US $!

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