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I've been home now for about 3 months, which is just weird thinking of it like that! I have only just got around to completing this due to the fact that i'd either forget or be too lazy or too busy, anyway now i can just about finish it!

I think i left off in Auckland where Vic and i were about to pick up our campervan which was to be home for the next 5 nights. We left all the guys in Rotorua (where we had done the zorbing and white water rafting) and got on the kiwi bus up to auckland, we left jay in rotorua too so he could have a bit of man time and get some white water rafting done. Rotorua was the smeeellllllliiiiieeesssttt place ever!!It was surrounded by bubbling mud pools and volcanic rocks/formations which gave off the strongest smell of sulphur- rotten eggs- ever! It was true that you slowly adjusted to it but still didn't make it plesent!

Anyway vic and i picked up our little motor and drove 3 hrs back to Rotorua to pick up Jay (oh and we managed to have the nicest room in the hostel in auckland to ourselves big double bed an en suite and tv- its luxury when you've been sharing with 8 others! Once we got Jay he took over the driving and we went on to a little village place called Wakatane on the East Coast of the North island (where we decided we were going to do out road trip). By this time it was dark and we couldn't find a camp site so we decided to just stop in a car park in the village for the night and use the local pub to brush our teeth and pick up water and use the loos....well needs must and all! In the morning we moved from here to Opitiki which was basically a place full of lovely views and this crazy crazy village with a population of about 30....was scary place. We found a lovely spot to park up the van and the crawl onto the roof and get some fantastic pics as the sun was about to set. Anyway once again we didn't make it to a camping ground or do our intended destination for the night so we ended up parking in a field- which looked like it used to be a camping ground at some point! It scared the hell out of Vic and I as it was pitch black and we were just in the middle of a random field with no towns or people or anything for miles! We went on a little wander and Jay found an abandoned toilet thing which needless to say we were NOT going to use! Instead we took it in turns to go in the field, how nice! Vic even sang me a little song and the cows joined in, ahhh how glamorous lol. We looked out onto the beach and saw a wild horse running through the waves as the gnetly crashed onto the beach and it was really really lovely.

We had an early night as we were getting up at 5 to try and make it to our destianation to watch the sun rise- the first point to see the sun of a new day in the world. So off we went at silly o clock in the morning having survived our night in the middle of nowhere- just and no thanks to jay trying to scare us all the time although he did make us a lovely omlette =). We reached the lighthouse on the East Cape just in time and started out climb up to it- which believe you me was not easy it was soooooo steep and there was about 100000000 steps it took us at least half an hour if not more to make it to the top and then literally collapse at the foot of the lighthouse just in time to be the first people to see the sun rise on a new day- well worth the near heart attack after climbing the 100000000000 stairs at 5 in the morning! We spent a wee while there gathering the energy to make it back down and then started our drive to Gisbourne which was meant to be the biggest place on teh East Coast and at last maybe a decent camp site with showers?!? The Camp Site in Gisbourne was like bloody luxury- showers and toilets wooooo!! Even a big communal kitchen and indoor dining, how nice it was by that point! The best shower i think i've ever ever had! We treated outselves to a little trip to the cinema to see the new simpsons film -wooop- and had a tottle around town before retiring back to our little van for another days driving.

The next day we were up a bit later,9 ish =D, and got showered had a nice breakfast and headed back on up to Rotorua. The drive to Rotorua was a little bit more eventful than what we originally thought as we went through a national park, and it decided to piss it down, and there were mud slides and mud puddles everywhere and the van would not grip and i was driving......oh and we were running out of petrol! Needless to say we thought it was touch and go for awhile and thought we'd be stranded in the park without petronl buried in mud......but alllll was well! About 6 hours later we made it out wooo! Jay had the genius idea of using the hostel that we had previously stayed in's facilities providing we could actually get in past the security coded door first- absolute stroke of luck someone was leaving as we got to the door woooo! Soooooo we had a nice kitchen to cook in instead of the little gas burned we'd been using for days that was definately on its last legs, internet, tv, sofas HEAVEN!Only thing was we still had to sleep in the van outside of the hostel but hey that was home by now =D We wanted to be up early to go and visit the thermal hot pools and see the Geiser go off but although we were up and set off early enough mr squires sent us almost 45mins driving in the wrong direction and when we turned around and made it to the hot pools the Geiser had gone off. None the less we went around teh volcanic hot pools and it was amazing just being there another thing to tick off the list!

Our last stop in the camper was just outside of Auckland in the suberb where we found a little pub to treat ourselves to tea and then drove off to try and find somewhere to park the van and sleep for the night. This ended up being in a nice little residential area outside someones house, again needs must!! Oh yeah this was all after Jay reversed into another car whilst trying to park- and people call women drivers!! HA! =P Oh and in the morning we forgot we'd put the vans outside the van to clear it out and Jay drove off over them- hilarious! lol but by the time we got the van back we weren't charged thankfully! And so that was the end of our road trip! Im sure there were other little stories along the way but this it me recapping about 4 months after it happened. Needless to say it was so much fun and such a brilliant time thats all i need to know =D.

When we reach our hostel in Auckland we were all a little excited as it was time for a real bed without us kicking each other or taking covers off each other and triyng to decide who sleeps where and what gives us the most room and jay not shouting in his sleep in your ear and vic not farting in her sleep and good times hey guys!! ANYWAY absolute luxury to have a bed each to ourselves and a room to ourselves for a couple fo nights in a lovey lovely hostel that was pretty much a hotel to be honest! It was right in the centre of auckland so we had a mooch around some shops and the harbour and left Jay in a book shop for hours where he managed to entertain himself very well! Vic and i then decided to treat ourselves to a Dominos (cheap ass tuesday wooo) our last one together!! Which was sad as it was did become quite significant to us lol. We bumped into the Radley boys who we'd last seen in Rotorua (James, Ben and Bates) and had a good old catch up- they were off to Figi in the morning and we were going to Bay of Islands so we said our goodbyes again.

So off we went to the Bay of Islands and to Paihia the following morning- it was a lovely lovely place with a nice beach and just the place you could relax in for a wee while. The driver of the kiwi bus called Matt was just adorable- and i mean marriage material people lol. We pretty much spent our time there chilling but we only had really one night and 2 full days. We decided to leave again and make the most of the big city and have a good few nights out before we parted ways sooooo off we went to auckland again! When we reached the same hostel as before and back into the bliss of our own room we cooked dinner and then went straight to the bar for a cheeky few drinks which turned into a cheeky million drinks and before we knew it almost 13 jim beams and cokes (each) later we were dancing away to Michael Jackson with a whoollleee bunch of people we'd never met but thought we were all best mates- funny! Although i think Jay was less than impressd with the state of mine and vics very drunken and over the top dancing- or mayb just mine lol. We rnadomly saw alex from our revious kiwi bus who we'd left in Queenstown! Was nice to see him and have a boogie and chat and many a drinks! We all managed to crawl back to the hostel room once the lights in the club went on and we took it as a sign to get out lol. We collapsed on the nearest bed which was vics and the three of us staid there until the weeeee hours of the morning well like 7am when we all woke up hot, slightly more sober and wondering why the hell the three of us were literally piled one on top of the other when we each had a bed...... neadless to say we all moved and collapsed for another 6-7 hours of sleep!

The next day- our last day in nz and together- was pretty much a right off! I was dead to the world and just couldn't move, worst hangover ever!!!!!And to top it off i had bed bugs AGAIN! Well i though i had at the time and we moved rooms and had to wash the entire contents of all our backpacks- well vic and i did jay didn't bother! Anyway in hindsight i don't think it was bed bugs just bites from the flies when we were in Paihia- oops sorry guys! Our last day was spent washin clothes BUT we did finish in time to go and have a nice meal up the Auckland Sky Tower and have a little reminis about all the times we've had togehter. Was v v v v sad i have to say and i love those guys heaps, thankfully we are all still in touch and Vic's due home on the 24th December and i've seen Jay twice since i've been back and im off to see him again this weekend. Mates in a millions so they are!

I've missed it out but somewhere in there we had a day tour trip around Auckland city and climbed the bridge and had "world famous" fish and chips and i managed to adopt a dog for the day which was nice =D lol.

Anyway the next day we woke up all pretty sad- jay was the first to elave so we dropped him at the bus stop and waved him off- had a weee cry and a hug goodbye then vic and i went in search of a suitcase for me as i was beyond triyng to cram everything into my tiny backpack after the whole bedbugs episode! We had a wander around auckland for one last time, went back packed pur things and headed off to the airport outselves. Thankfully our flights were litlerally within 15 mins of each other so we were together right until the end!awwww lol. We said goodbye at Vic's gate which was a little cheery- and now scary ass i was off to LA then Canada actually on my own this time without vic for the first time in months and months! Weird! Never the less i made it to Vancouver and stayed with Mylis- who i'd met in melbourne- and we had so much fun and she looked after me and wooo it was brilliant! I did another tour called moose tours around banff, jasper, whistler, kelowna, shuswapp lake and really enjoyed myself- although i did miss oz and nz and everyone i met there! Oh and i managed to get bed bugs for real this time and dear god it was the worst i think i'd ever seen them it was awful ick ick ick! Anyway still had a brilliant time met some more amazing people and yeah just want to go back travelling again now!

Now im home im planning my next little venture which im hoping will be to africa to work in wildlife conservation for a wee bit and maybe into Asia to teach english and hopefully back to oz and nz too....soooooo much to do!



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