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lunching by the lake


So I've being hanging around lago de atitlan for a few days now. Yesterday I took a boat ride to a few places around the lake.

Now my mate Darryl will tell you I'm the person you need to have your cameras out for when I'm boarding a boat. However so far no major problems with boats at all. No wobbles no near misses no falling off wharves nothing. Should I have said that before I take a fewe more boat trips today and tomorrow? Probably not.

Also for those wondering how I`m going with the weird fish in the lake that do weird things to you.... Well the lake is too bloody cold. Its at 1600m altitude and while the weather is a rather nice 20-25C each day, the water is freezing, although it hasn't stopped the occasional pom from going swimming.

I had a lovely lunch by the lake in a town called San Pedro la Laguna. Its like most towns, but the water frontage is nice. Plenty of decent places to sit looking out over the lake to enjoy lunch. I'll probably go back today as its an easy boat trip from here.

Feel free to send me emails/messages. As you can tell i'm doing a bit of relaxing this week, but getting plenty of exercise walking around towns which all happen to be up hills.

Mind you it was difficult to get out of bed this morning. I opened the curtains and went back to bed just staring out over the lake.

This may have to be my shortest entry yet.....


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