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Split waterfront






Wow, I'm instantly very impressed with Split. Diocletian, the 3rd Century Roman Emperor (obviously) built his retirement shack here, and it now forms the centre of the city. Much of it is still standing and in use today. The area is a labyrinth of tiny allyways and impressive squares. I love the way some modern companies are using the old buildings, there is a bank in the centre which has ATMs and computer terminals yet the old walls, marble floors and old roman columns still form the main part of the building. And for a change I've arrived in sunshine although rain is forecast for tomorrow.

It's tomorrow, the forecast was correct, thunder storms all day! I've managed to spend some time in the city in full waterproofs, mainly going to covered venues, I've explored the magnificent basements of Diocletians palace, I've booked my bus to Dubrovnik, I've been soaked to the skin dried out again and then soaked once more. For the first time one this trip, almost a month, this damn tempremental laptop has actually decided to connect to someone elsed wireless network so I've managed to catch up with these updates. I did have a whole hostel to myself then I fell asleep, died and went to hell - 9 Sceptics have all turned up at once and taken over my house. Thank Jupiter I'm leavining the morning. At least I tracked down a waterproof cover for my pack today, shouldn't rain for the rest of the trip now then, although it's still preciptating felines and canines at the moment as I wait formy sceptic friends to come and wake me up.

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