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Townspeople Running to See a Helicopter Land w/ Vice President Visiting

The Whole Town Heading Out to See Vice President Land

All Very Excited

Don't Know If Anyone Was Left In Town

A View of Town From Hillside #979 11/11

Tim Takes a Quick Bath at Falls (Only Cow Was Watching, Ha!)

We are intending to go to this town in the highlands of Guinea today...the travel has been a bit rough the past few days due to poor roads(pot holes, even car size ones|in Guinea they are all gravel & dirt or red dust, and now Mari who has been fighting a cold, cough for most of the trip, is a bit run down and coughing even more. Our hope is that when we reach Dalaba we can stay there for 2-3 days and let her recuperate.

Since 2 of the group need rest we decided to forgo our plan to head for Douki, a village the LP calls Guineas Grand Canyon, and headed here which is along our intended route to Mali.

Getting a taxi this time was a bit tedious since the driver knew little English...he insisted we were going with 6 people and we would pay for only our 4, it was Bon who emphasized this after he loaded 5th person and a trunk full of cases of rum & gin. We thought he was transporting the cases in place of a 6th person but upon arrival he began insisting we pay for 6! Luckily at the Hotel Tangama where he dropped us off there was a fellow(Abrahim) who spoke escalated a bit when Bon insisted we would not pay more since he had agreed to fill the taxi(she had said repeatedly We only pay for 4, as we left. He claimed he did not understand even tho there had been a fellow at the taxi stand who understood English and had explained it to the driver! In the end the hotel manager and Abrahim negotiated?translated back and forth...Abrahim said this happens often with foreigners...we settled on paying extra for our baggage which amounted to almost 2 more passengers! We let it be known we would not be seeing the driver again, he had been trying in the car to sell his services as a guide, ha! Apparently, non native speakers usually agree to pay extra when drivers give the "I can't help it if they don't understand." line!

Subject: Guinea photo

Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 21:48:46 -0700


Finally doing some editing of our photos. Hope all is well.

How did the rest of your trip work out.



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