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Up at crack of dawn - Jake & I had slept well, Mari & Bon not so good...mosquitoes were buzzing or bugging them even outside net. I had earplugs in and couldn't hear a thing.

You know you are adapting we headed to the taxi stand we (Jake & I) said, "Well, at least we had a bed last night!" Ha!

Headed for taxi stand and off to Labe by 8:30, 10 inside and 4 passengers on roof...roads all gravel or dried red clay. Jan was w/ us, said they had had severe flooding here just a month ago which explains deep ruts in many places as well as pot holes. It was an all day journey getting to Labe after dark, the driver waited at Hotel de Independance by gar routier(bus station) in case we wanted to be taken to another place, nice fellow.

We have found that prices across the board are 30-50% higher than LP states!!

We debated staying because the cheap rooms were even worse than last nite. Jan was willing to stay in one, however, if they would come down in price. We tried to negotiate but owner would not budge and even the one room which had 2 double beds could accomodate us 4, he insisted he couldn't allow more than 3! So we'd have to get 2 rooms anyway. Since Jan didn't get his deal he agreed to go in w/ us on 1 room and we ended up with 4 of us in 2 bed room anyway - they only wanted to rent 2(more expensive)1 rooms not really caring how we used them!!! The nite was not good for Mari & Jake, Mari coughing and having arrived so late, etc. no dinner, Jake with cough now and some temp and just tired. Since no windows in room we did not put up nets & now being in cooler clime + fan it was pleasant sleeping for me.

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