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View of The Potholed, Rutted 'Paved' Road...Mostly Drove Along the Side

Good View of Road

Even Better View of Road

Traffic, Ha...Typical Breakdown and Reason for NOT Traveling At Night

Looks Like a Repair is Needed...Not Just a Flat Here!

Wish We Could Read This...Obviously, Something Happened Here of Import! (Or Maybe...

And Here We Are

Bon, Not So Intense! THE Book in Hand, We'll Find the Way

Yup, That's Where We Are

Now Aren't We Having a Good Time?!

Here's the Tree Where We Waited

It Says "Bus/Taxi Stand"

But there is a local Market Nearby, and of course, a Dish!

The Market

A Very Colorful Market

And Some Shade To Wait In, Read In

This is Travel in W. Africa! #964

UPDATE 6/6/16:

Ebola info... Latest Research Concerning Infections

All day travel...crossed the border aok at about 1 pm...ckg passports numerous times plus they had us open all our bags to go thru them(started this am at 630 to taxi but waited til 830 for a full car then decided it would not happen so paid for the two spaces missing just to get on the road!)From border to Saureboido on half gravel mostly potholed road, there we waited an hour and a half til a taxi came and we could continue to Koundara where we sat from 315 til 5 when the fellow who had said a taxi was coming now said no more taxi to Labe(there were at least 10 of us waiting)...

This place was by far the poorest town we've come to and now looking for an ON!

Jake had taken off to look for a place to stay, we ended up at Hotel Nafaya not what we expected according to LP...dip and pour toilet shared 80 meters from room, squat type, rank, dark, mattresses=foam pads questionable, electricity came on later so we did have a fan!! Put up nets, but double beds so no way to tuck in nets in middle. Since it was dark we headed down the street where ?restaurant? also ran a TV video movie the loud soundtrack we determined what she had for regular patrons which was raw salad...Bon,Jake,and Mari worked out with the gal to fix omelettes from the raw vegies, all smiles she fried em up in plenty of oil...with tea,coffee,sweet cond.milk...not having eaten much all day this meal tasted GOOD!

This town as you may have guessed was by far the poorest we have stayed in!

Up again at 630 to the taxi stand to get on the road asap...hoping to get to Labe, no such luck, travel in Bissau Guinea was on some smooth roads with pot holes. In Guinea, no smooth roads, all gravel and pot holes

More later...internet time is up and its very slow...

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