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The Overloaded Transport to the Island...a 4 hour trip, hmmm!

Jake Was NOT Happy...Mari Was

Group Shot Before Abandoning Our Attempt to Visit the Island

Typical Street Scene

Another Shot of 'The Street Scene'

Wishful Thinking or ??? #935

Nov 6

Altho not in our original plan for today we ended up leaving Bissau for Guinea border town of Baku. We got up and packed for "intended" island trip to .... This was a big disappointment for Jake, see pics & overloaded boat!

Travel via bush taxi was very pleasant (we had middle 3 seats & front seat) and the road was surfaced the whole way with few pot holes. In the countryside very few large trees(clear cut) most were only 20 to 30' tall and lots of under brush. Huts were round by and large with grass/thatch cone roofs to w/in 3' o the ground and mud (over mat walls?) and stick/woven fence enclosures around compounds. In village towns buildings are cement block sometimes stuccoed with metal tin corrugated roofs.

Halfway to Gabu we traveled thru potato country...all along the roadway each compound/home area had at least 1 to2 buckets of potatoes out to sell and in the villages/market lots & lots for sale, all the large potato with light red/pink skins. In Gabu we walked from taxi stand about 2 km to a disco/nightclub spot in the LP advertised as the cheapest ON (10000vs 50000 in Bissau). Jomav (the ON spot) is clean with small bath, water is dip and pour for shower & clearing the toilet. No electricity until disco opens at 7:30 off at closing 12:30 am. Looking forward do overhead fan during that time, ha!

We headed out after dark and found Po' di Terra on N. side of town...she had a very delicious veggie chicken noodle soup, similar in taste to one we had in Bissau. It had a single wedge of potato which was very tasty.

Nite time was noisy once the disco started(right nxt door part of the same bldg actually). At least the fan was on but even with ear plugs in the throbbing music didn't allow me much sleep until after the electricity went off, then I think I slept a couple hours til the heat/humidity woke me.

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