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Long Beach

resident monitor lizard

Cynthia and Derrick (in their rain gear)

it's a long way up

jungle trekking

out for a stroll

the view from our balcony

Cynthia on Long Beach

Matt and Tom in our bungalow

We had a pretty hassle free trip to the Perhentian islands and found a place to stay the first night. After dropping off our bags, we explored the area in more detail and found better accommodation for the next few days. On the journey over, we met two guys, Colin and Derrick, and later met them for dinner. Unfortunately, we soon discovered that our place for the night was the hotspot for late night partying. The music was thumping through the walls and kept us from sleeping until a little after 4am.

We woke three hours later determined to leave our dumpy room as soon as possible. We packed up in record time and walked over to Mohsin to get a room. After checking in, I met Derrick at the reception counter and as it turns out he got the room right next to us. Derrick is from New Zealand but has been living in the UK for the last 8 years. This is his third time to the Perhentian islands so he had some good recommendations for a snorkeling spot. Derrick, Colin, Cynthia and I headed out to the snorkeling spot on the other side of the island, which, as it turns out, meant walking through mosquito infested trails. After Cynthia was bitten for the 10th time she decided to turn back and let the boys have our fun alone. The snorkeling did turn out to be worth the trouble. Among other things, there were loads of clown fish to be seen.

The monsoon season finally showed its ugly face and it rained for two days straight. This caused the mosquitoes to come out (even worse) and our roof to leak. The only good to come from the rain and wind was some surf. I was able to get in a couple of days of surfing.

Once the rain stopped, it was time to do some exploring around the island. We saw a monkey and some lizards on our way to go snorkeling a few days before and now Cynthia wanted to search out some more wildlife. I agreed to go even though sitting on the beach suited me just fine and I had no inclination for trudging through the woods for the next few hours. We decided to walk to the fishing village on the South side of the island, up the West coast to Coral Bay and finally cross a path back to our side of the island. We figured this would take 2-3 hours, so we lathered up on the insect repellant lotion, grabbed my small camera and headed off around 1pm.

For the walk to the village, we used an old dirt road that followed next to the telephone lines. This seemed like a good choice except for the few muddy sections left from 2 days of rain. The island has a big mountain on the south side and there is not a non-elevated section (except for the beach). This wasn't too much of a problem since we had decided to go around the mountain and therefore only have to climb up and down with no one section being too strenuous. We didn't come across any good wildlife, but did come across some local boys playing in a little stream in nothing but their birthday suits in the middle of the jungle. They were as surprised to see us as we were to see them. We made it to the village in a little more than an hour and found a little shop to buy snacks for lunch. After walking around the village for a while, we asked for directions and headed off. Another 4 hours later with the sun setting and a new collection of mosquito and ant bites, we made it back to our room. A little tired and a healthy appetite.

Our neighbor for the last 6 days, Derrick, left the island on the 23rd. We said our good byes and wished him well. The sun decided to come out today and it was a beautiful day. The waves had gotten smaller and Cynthia and I were able to go swimming. We both got a little too much sun but thankfully not sunburnt.

Our last day on the island was cloudy and rainy, so we just spent time reading. I talked to some locals and found out that there is supposed to be a good surf spot at a town South of here called Cherating. Since there are now no waves plus bad weather here, we made plans to leave in the morning.

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