Alaska Team 2007 travel blog

Today began with an early breakfast, then hauling our bags and Action Packers to the hotel lobby for check-out. Dorothy & Marv (of Partners) assisted us to the Chiang Mai airport, and blessed us with a team prayer before our departure. Our flight to Bangkok was just over one hour, and we had just enough time for a snack and a short comedy movie or a quick nap.

When we landed, the first thing we discovered was that the temperature is MUCH hotter and more humid in the south! I think we all melted off a few pounds instantly, and that was even before we stepped out of the airport! We retrieved our bags, and were met by our missionary friend, Sharon Porterfield. She introduced us to her friend and our driver for the next few days, PC. We then stored a few of our bags in luggage storage at the airport, and loaded the remaining ones into PC's van. We were very happy that the van was air-conditioned, as the sun was quite hot on our drive to Kanchanaburi.

We stopped at a large store called Tesco Lotus for lunch. It is like a Wal-Mart in the US, and we ate in the food court. We also enjoyed popcorn and ice-cream cones for dessert, as our western tastebuds were beginning to scream cravings for certain familiar foods. Here, we also happened upon a vendor selling electronic piano keyboards, and the conversation arose with Sharon concerning a Bible school that needed one. Sooo, the team purchased a keyboard for 2,950 Thai Baht (or a whole $92) as a gift for the Bible school.

We arrived in Kanchanaburi around 5:00pm, and checked into the River Kwai Hotel. It is very well decorated, and our rooms are very nice with comfortable beds. After a quick shower, we were off to dinner with Sharon and PC. She took us to the "Floating Restaurant", which is built to actually float on the river while tied to the shore. It was beautifully decorated, with a thatched roof and open-air railing sides to view the water. We were so engrossed with our surroundings and ordering that it took us a few moments to realize where we were. Then it hit us! We were sitting ON the River Kwai with the famous Bridge Over the River Kwai just to our right! It was evening, so we couldn't get good photos, but we planned to return the following day. Dinner was incredible! We feasted on fresh seafood (with fish that we could not pronounce), rice, vegetables, and fresh fruit frosted drinks. Then it was off to the hotel to sink into our big comfortable beds for the night.

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