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Town Circle

Train Station


Flower market

Old Town

Gold Angels

Good potential

Street cafes

Shame about the scaffolding

More scaffolding

Hidden valley

What a very pleasant journey, modern compartment style train with my own compartment for most of the trip, beautiful Hungarian and Croatian countryside and a couple of hours along the shores of Lake Balaton. Even the border crossing was a pleasure, all smiles and "please" may I see your passport.

I have to admit that I had doubts about coming to Zagreb, it looked like an industrial dump when Kev and I came through here last year but first impressions are very favourable, it almost feels like stepping back to western Europe after the last few weeks. It's warmer and the street cafe culture is still in full swing where it had packed up weeks ago further north. Maybe it's all relative, other people didn't seem to like Zagreb as much as I did but they had come from Italy and I'd come from Belarus!

The lower town is the modern side of Zagreb and the Upper town is the old town. I wandered through the old town finding nice views and saw that there were mountains in the distance, I figured that if I walked far enough along the ride that I would find the perfect view over the city with the mountains in the background. I walked for miles. The further out of town I got the nicer the houses became but I got annoyed as they were hogging all of the views, even where a nice view was obvious between houses they had gone to the trouble to fence it off or chain up there drive or leave a big dog on guard. Eventually I gave up, probably 50 metres before the perfect view, and took a side path down off the ridge to see where it went. It turned into a really lovely park that led me all the way back to the city centre through an almost hidden valley.

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