20,000 leagues under the sky, 2004- travel blog

Arrival in Potosi.

Main square and cathedral.

Main square, Cerro (Mount) Rico in the background.

Typical Potosi street overshadowed by Cerro Rico.

Old Torre.

Statue of Liberty.


And another, so I lied.

Just arrived, no guide-book, no map, no reservtion, after half an hour walking the very steep streats I finlly found really nice hotel, I realised why I couldn't breath when I took the GPS out to find that I'm 4000m bove sea-level. First impressions are good, lively markets and SPICY STREET FOOD! Also fantastic sunset but I promised no more sunset photographs.

The spicy street food turned out to be as bad as most food in Bolivia (more on that later) but I did find out that Potosi is officially the highest city in the world, and at one time was the biggest city in the world (so the tourist people say) due to the mines of Cerro Rico, the rich mountain, once the biggest supplier of silver in the world. The Potosi Tourist Board like their superlatives.

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