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We took a bus down to Malacca on a recommendation from Koon. One thing we found out was that Malaysia has a great bus system, which makes it very easy to travel comfortably and cheaply. Malacca is a little town in the south that at one time or another was controlled by the Portuguese, Dutch and British. This fact gave this little town some unique character.

We spent two days in Malacca. Our first day we walked around around the historic section of town taking pictures and doing the whole tourist bit. The second day we went down some different side streets to take some more pictures. Then we went into town to arrange our bus tickets to the Cameron Highlands. While we were in town we went into Tesco. Tesco is the same as Walmart back home. These mega stores suck you in. I think we walked around for more than an hour and then waited in line for another thirty minutes to buy 4 items.

Strangely enough the best thing we found in Malacca was an Indian restaurant that was recommended by our guesthouse. It was on a little side street where only locals eat. The meal that we got is called Tandori chicken and Naan. Which is basically grilled chicken and fresh thin bread. The chicken is some the best quality that we've had since leaving home and the portion was plenty. The Naan is made with most any toppings of your choice with my favorite being Garlic & Cheese. Needless to say, we ate here all three nights.

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