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Chain Bridge by night

From the castle ramparts

Castle ramparts

Buda Castle

Dull overcast morning

Sunny afternoon

Danube and Buda

Blue Danube


My Hostel - first sunny building on left

Sunny Pest

Buda at Dusk

Mid restoration

20 years on there have been some significant changes here but the main city is still as stunning as it was then, in some areas even more so as the place is spruced up and regenerated. All the obvious signs of capitalism are here too though - homeless everywhere, high prices and an incredible amount of graffiti. I'm sure that in 1987 it was 2p anywhere on the underground or bus network, it's now a minimum of 80p for any journey whereas Moscow is still 7p and Kiev 2p, the price a city pays to join the west?

My sightseeing was trunkated by the fact that I pulled a sicky on Monday and instead of going up to the main castle during daylight hours I spent most of the day in bed/lounging around drinking soup. I feel much better for it though and have just about shaken off this damn cold that I seem to have had for weeks.

It occurred to me that Budapest is very much more the sum of it's parts than the individual parts. I've photographed very little in close up, it's all about the overall skyline and views over the Danube. In many ways Pest is similar to London in that it is very flat and the highest building is an ancient cathedral. What possibly sets Budapest apart from London is the fact that you have hilly Buda on the other side of the river with it's overwhelming citadel and castle. More like Newcastle and Gateshead really.

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