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Our site at Safari Mobile Home Park in Houston

Our site at Colonia del Re in Corpus Christi

On Padre Island

The seaweed choked beach on Padre Island

From New Orleans to Safari Mobile Home Park right outside of Houston. After one night Ron and Connie went on to Corpus Christi to visit her aunt. We stayed at the Safari another night so David could visit the Cruzin' Coolers Home Office for a training session. He enjoyed meeting everyone as they had only talked with each other by phone. From there he went to Harwin Street where the Chinese sell any and everything dirt cheap, wholesale only. He said he needed Connie and me there to tell him if the things on sale were a bargain or not. As we were leaving Houston we passed a small cemetary. There was a Confederate flag on every grave -

On 5/9-10, Colonia del Rey RV Park, Corpus Christi, TX. We got to meet Connie's Aunt Joan - such a nice lady. She and Connie enjoyed catching up with each other. Aunt Joan has never been on her computer. Ron and Connie set her up with AOL, and she was very excited. She told me that she had 'lots of emails to answer'. According to Connie, when she had her 86th birthday, everyone sent emails to her son, he printed them out for her. Now she is so excited to reply! She and Connie were like sisters growing up. They both were so close.

John, Aunt Joan's son, is an artist. He gave Ron and Connie a print of one of his paintings. It was a palm tree - very well executed and colorful. I loved it! The next day, Connie brought a print to me! She had told John how much I admired hers, and he sent me a print. It is beautiful!

Connie just wishes Aunt Joan lived closer so they would have more time together.

In getting to Padre Island we crossed 16 bridges, on 16 bodies of water. I think Texas is lower to sea level than we are at home -

We met Ron and Connie at the Colonia del Rey RV Park in Corpus Christi. Nice, clean park park with paved pads.

We celebrated Ron's birthday - so we bought their dinner. We went over two more bridges to Water Street Oyster Bar and had a great meal. The waitress brought Ron a BIG brownie, whipped cream, ice cream with a candle. We had a lot of fun.

On 5/9 we drove over to Padre Island Beach. We were pretty let down - it was covered in icky seaweed - not a very nice beach.

To make us feel better, we ate Mexican for dinner.

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