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View From Sobo Bade Patio Looking Towards Dakar(not visible) #881

Same Patio Looking S (Opening Visible is Stair to Beach) #882

Beach and Fishermen Landing (Mari Taking Photo Of Them) #884

Beach Where We Swam

Should Have Known w/ Fishing Boats Present...the Water's Not For Swallowing!

Hauling in a Boat

Lots of Color in W. Africa, Even on the Beach

Everyone Helps to Get the Boat Out

All the Men At Least

Villagers Waiting to Get Fish #892

Here on the coast a French couple built a place to stay called Sobo Bade which is high up on the cliffs with a stairway down to the beach...Jake and I went down the first afternoon when we arrived and we swam off shore, having my goggles and snorkel I was hoping to see some underwater life. No luck...the bottom is fine sand and with the waves, the sand is in total suspension so very cloudy. Unfortunately, Jake caught a mouthful of water and as soon as he swallowed it he knew it would be bad!!! That night he was not a happy camper with both ends going full tilt, Giddy Up!!! He was most upset because we had a great cooked veggie dinner!

Since we were only a few feet from him the noise even woke Mari with ear plugs in--Todd, I think this even beats your India blowout!!!! HA!

Sometimes I wish I had a way to record not only the sights but the sounds as well, there are just no words for some things we are waking up to the conga and tumba drums playing for the group of French folks here to learn Senegalese dance.

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