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Musicians in Local Restaurant...St Louis is Known For It's Musicians/Music

Another Border Crossing #817

Jake & Mari Show Reverence at Mosque

Huge Fig Tree in 'Garden'

Close up of Tree (& Tim)

On Our Way to Estuary We Cross River on This Bridge

Local Environmental Agency in Old Colonial Building

River 'Harbor' For Fishing Boats

Another Shot of River Harbor

Actually, This Side Was Quite Nice...Potted Palms, Colorful Ladies

But Further On It Got Into the More 'Normal' Streets

The Beach

And More Beach...All Activities Take Place Here, I Repeat, ALL Activities

Washing Themselves (Far Right)

Goats Are Everywhere

Classic Fishing Boats #834

View of Cemetary

Looking At the Dugout Boats

Jake Examines One of Dugout Boats

Very Brightly Painted...View Across Towards City

Heading Back to Town...Ocean Village is Off to the Left (Beyond Block...

Closeup of Inside of Fishing Boat

Newly Completed Boat

A Closeup of Cemetary

Typical Car

Okay, Building Under Construction or ?? #844

Tim & Jake Go For a Ride

Estuary Lily Pads..Fish Eagles in Trees on Right

There's a Bird Here But I Can't See It!

A White Pelican in Flight (Tons More in Background on Island)

Tons of Resident White Pelicans

Like, Really A Lot!

No Kidding, This is Just a Small Part of 'em

Yeh, Now We See!

Yup, Thems Pelicans

When One Lands, Space is So Limited Another Takes Off

Huge Lily's

That's a Great Shot of a Fish Eagle

Now Ya Got Me! Bon?

Cormorants Fishing

Herons...Green, purple, & night

I Think Mari Is Trying To Tell Us Something

The Local Soccer Team Has Taken Her Away

Local Live Music Color

Today the 29th we took a tour to Parc Natl des Oiseaux du Djoudj , one of their World Heritage bird was a one hour drive to the boat dock where some 20+ other tourists and we 4 loaded into a smallish boat. Too early for many birds migrating as Bon had said-most come Dec/Jan -but we saw lots of heron-green,purple,& night-,fish eagle,lesser cormorant,bee eaters,kingfisher,jacuna, buzzard, some kind of geese, stilts, & egrets. Plus, the resident flock of white pelicans was worth the trip for me just to see them!

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