Alice and Justin in Asia (again) 2007 travel blog


Merlion spits on a bumboat

Statue of boys jumping into the water

Clarke quay from the boat

We took ourselves to Raffles Plaza on the MRT this morning so that Justin could buy a bag he had his eye on. Then we walked down to see the Merlion - the symbol of Singapore. Part fish (to symbolise our beginnings in the ocean) and part lion (to symbolise how far we've come). There were lots of tourists around there and it was funny to watch all the different nationalities doing the same tourist things - you had the Indian families with the ladies in beautiful saris, while the men had western style shorts, t shirts and caps, and the big groups of Chinese tourists, with the ladies all wearing sun visors and carrying umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun/shelter from the rain, and the Aussies and Brits looking scruffy. A good mix!

We then got the bumboat to Clark Quay, and wandered around there, had a drink, then came home.

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