Alice and Justin in Asia (again) 2007 travel blog

Two of the stranger animals in the jungle area

The buffet was nicely decorated

SUN - hooray! We spent the morning on a sun lounger on the beach, telling all the little boys that we didn't want to buy a drink, and telling the ladies we didn't want a massage. Justin went for a swim and was wooshed around by the massive waves, but I think he enjoyed it.

This evening we went to Fantasea. It's a big theme park style place. When you arrive you queue up with your ticket voucher (we got it from our rep). When you get to the front they ask your name and nationality. Then you go past that desk but stay in the queue. When you get to the front again you name comes up on a screen with the cashier number and you pop over and get your ticket (it actually only took about 5 mins total). Your ticket has ALL the info you need on it - buffet table number, show time, seat, entrance to go in through, bus stop number for afterwards - very organiased!

We got a free pass to the "jungle area" so we went and had a look but it was pretty rubbish really. There weren't many animals and the larger ones like the pelicans and tigers just looked bored. The pelicans didn't really have enough space. We did see a fairy though, and took her photo with Frigid, much to her confusion.

The entire place is very beautifully done - lovely paintings and statues everywhere, very well organised, but a bit odd. It's like you've eaten too much cheese before going to bed. There aren't any rides, just shops and fairground games. Basically, it's one big shop!

We ate at the buffet which was ok - lots of variety - you can have spaghetti bolognese, sushi, and thai food all on the same plate. It rained of course, so we played some of the games, looked in the shops (but they all sell the same stuff) and killed time until the show at 9pm. The best bit was the toilets - the first ones had beautiful murals on the cubicle doors and walls. The second set had a Mexican theme with wooden saloon doors, and the sinks were big jars with a buffalo head above them. The tap was on the buffalo's nose, and when you turned it water shot out of the nostrils!

When you go into the show there's even more opportunities to spend money. We were NOT impressed by the fact that they had two poor elephants you could have your photo taken with, who were clearly not very happy about it, and there was also a baby tiger in the same situation. We avoided both, but were quite surprised at the number of people who were posing with them - I really thought people should know better, but there you go.

Anyway, eventually we got into the show, and it was pretty varied. The dancing was very good - we got to see some Thai stories and traditional dancing, which was nice. The best bit was the angels on the trapeze - you looked up and above the audience were 8 angels on a trapeze, all wearing body stockings that glowed in the ultra voilet light. They were also attached to bungee ropes. So they'd dive off the trapeze over the audience, then bounce back up again. It was really beautiful to watch.

We weren't too keen on the bit with the clowns, although other people seemed to like it, or on the elephants doing old style circus tricks. We thought about how happy the elephants we rode in the jungle seemed to be, crashing around and scoffing food, and thought that the elephants up on the stage with fireworks going off all around them were nowhere near as lucky. So mixed feelings really - I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone unless they removed the animal segments.

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