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Crazy, Crazy

Now, Beijing had 18 million people, which is obviously a lot, however there was some order to this mass confusionn. People followed traffic laws....mildly. By that I mean the exact opposite of what it would be back home in Canada. People never, ever have the right of way...unfortunately we are at the bottom of the right of way lader. We are then superceded by bikes and then vehicles. Again, at least in China there seemed to be order. As for India....

With a population of about 14 million in Delhi, it feels more like 140 million. There is an impeding sense wherever you go of a precarious life cycle of a fruit fly. What I mean by that is every single person on the streets, on a bike, and in a vehicle seem like they have just finally arived from the larvae stage and have now got but a mere day in which to earn a living, travel, find a mate, and reproduce. Unfortunately, for a visitor, it is a serious overload on the senses. The pollution and the garbage can wreak havock on the nasal cavaties and the kamikaze rickshaw drivers sure make you appreciate our mildly less stimulating lives back home. If you ever get the chance to visit Delhi, I definitely recommend it, if only for the sensory overload alone!!


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