Terry's Great Adventure 2007 travel blog

Julian in the desert where I almost stayed

Oak Knoll campground at Palomar Mountain (Poomacha fire) Oct 2007

Harrah's Rincon casino - seven miles from campground

Rec'd a call from Paul at the RV campground this AM. There is one lady up there now that they smuggled in so she has offered to clean tenants refrigerators out and do whatever she can, like look for my cat Sofena and put food out for her. I am hoping my coach batteries are still good so my propane will keep my fridge running. Roads still closed up there and now they say Wed. before fully contained. Paul said the smoke or ash should not be bad in my RV, just the sand that blew in through the open windows - so that is good news.

Enjoying the beautiful weather here - there is not much change in temp between day and night at Crescent City so that will be different.

Well, fabulous news this afternoon - Sofena came home to the RV. Lori the lady that is up there was in cleaning my fridge and throwing everything out when Sofena came to the door and marched right back to her food. Said she was in good shape, just a little dirty. Surprised she survived being outside for a week with the dogs and coyotes. I was one happy camper and can hardly wait to hold her. Lori will check on her once a day and make sure she has food and water etc. What a blessing. Told her I was going to get up there as soon as I could and she told me there are two armed guards (rifles) down at the road block along with a Sheriff.Looks like it will be at least Thurs now but not as urgent right now since Sofena is back and safe. RV will not require much cleaning so that is also good news - not smokey or anything - just some sand and ash. Lori asked me if they could have some of the bottled water I had there and of course I told her to take whatever they needed. I bought a case of water and also got two boxes of Costco muffins to take up to them. Maybe I can bribe the guards - ha ha.

Marcia and I did a little shopping today - nothing serious. Forgot to go to Michael's to get picture album sheet so will do that tomorrow.

Sera seems to be doing OK in the garage and she misses not being in the house but at least she is inside and safe. Finally vacuumed all the cat hair out of my car - she was really excited in our mad chase down the hill and lost alot of hair.

Good Night and God Bless

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