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Time to head back to Wisconsin to work more around the house.

Busy doing tons of stuff. Changing sink faucets - a nightmare!! Cutting grass...lawn mower decided to go south - figures - luckily 4 Seasons did an expedited repair and I was back in business by Sunday. Moving furniture and clearing out clutter. Some stuff going out the door to others. Lots of stuff going to dump and Goodwill. There actually may be light at the end of this tunnel. But house on market doesn't seem to be possible until spring. Hopefully the market will start to get better by then.

Nothing excited going to happen whilst here. At least not so far.

Well we made a trip to Mom's house with stuff for Debby and Mark. A trip to Goodwill, a trip to the dump and a trip to Jessica and Patrick's. Jean packed a cleaned and packed and cleaned and packed...well you get the idea. You would think that this house would be empty....NOT !!!!

The weather is turning cold and windy - time to go back to Lincoln. Jean will not be back to Wisconsin until late April early May. I will return next week to open the house for the painter - and then to go deer hunting...and I will of course be here for Christmas.

Oh BIG NEWS - I was pushed - shoved - cajoled into watching Izzy for a few hours on Monday morning.....I wish I had my camera with me as I could use proof that I actually changed a diaper - YUCK !!!

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