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Suka Suka island retreat.

Our Cabin.

Rubber tapping.


Eating Traditional Muslim Dinner.

Muslim Hosts


Brigit playing Chonkot with Catherine.

Batu Reng Muslim Village.

We arrived by boat to a Muslim island retreat near Kuala Kangasar and we stayed for 2 days in a cabin. During the boat ride it started to rain and it hurt because it was so heavy. We were soaked through when we got to our cabins. We all burst out laughing because it was just so unreal. It was so hot but it was pelting down rain at the same time. For the last 2 weeks here there has been celebrating a sort of New Year and they all have open houses where people call and the host is oblighed to put out tea, coffee and biscuits for their guests. The biscuits that Asha and Aziz our hosts had made were absolutely gorgeous. She had made about 10 different kinds of biscuits. That night after dinner we were shown how to play a local chinese game called 'Chonkak'. Its a game using marbles and their is 2 players. It was so addictive we ended up playing it most of the night while the geckos kept the mosquitos away. The next morning we went to the next local island where Aziz showed us how the locals get rubber from the rubber trees and also showed us plants that were growning wild all over the island but locals come out and pick them for their food. There was lemongrass, curry leaves and tapioca. Then we walked through the jungle where we all got covered in leeches because we had to walk through streams and rivers to get to a waterfall. Here we rested and tried to pull the leeches from our feet.

Then we made our way back to the village were a local family and crackers, buscuits and tea for us. Everyones feet were bleeding really bad at this stage. After that we headed back to our cabins for more Chonkak and Kevin and one of the other men go kayaks and went around the island which took about half an hour.

For dinner tonight we got dressed up in the locals sarongs and had dinner the traditional muslim way, where we ate with our fingers and we were sitting on the floor. The food again was delicious and we had great fun eating with our hands.

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