CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

Meet the Fockers!

The lads singing for Ireland!

The lasses

Splashing around at the Champagne Pools

CJ - in the bubbles at the Champagne Pools

The Fockers round the campfire

The gang enjoying a spot of sand in their bbq!

The stunning Lake McKenzie

Lake Wabby

A section of the Island's 75 mile beach

The notorious Dingos!

The Pinnacles rock formations

The Maheno Shipwreck

The Paddy's in the navigation seat

A beautiful sunset over our campsite on Fraser Island

Fraser Island - the biggest sand island in the world and our home for 3 days!!

We arrived in Hervey Bay, one of the places where you can sail over to Fraser Island and to be honest that is really all you can do there. The next day we got up at the crack of dawn for our briefing, put our rucksacks in storage, and waited to meet our new travelling companions for the next 3 days. We were put in a group with 7 other people, so 9 in total, across a multitude of ages and nationalities - British, Irish, Swedish, Swiss and German (and who became known as 'the Fockers' from the recent film release and a rather merry drinking game one night!!). We all got on really well over the 3 days, and even managed to bring the 4WD back in one piece with no damages and our bonds returned!!

We were shown a few videos that give you guidelines on the island and how to drive around it etc, were shown how to work the 4WD and then given an itinery to help us over the next few days. We then set off to the supermarket to get our shopping for the next few days before boarding the ferry.

The weather wasn't brilliant whilst we were on Fraser, it was a bit overcast and with not much sun but still very warm so we are sorry but the pictures don't really do the island much justice. Just imagine the clear blue waters and what they would look like with the sun shining properly. Fraser Island is a beautiful island with a 75 mile long beach that we had great fun driving up and down. There are no roads on the island, so only 4WD cars are allowed on it, and we had great fun putting it into practice!!!

We camped out both nights on the beach in tents, although on the second night a few of us decided to sleep out under the stars as the tents were so hot until we woke up in the middle of the night with a wild dingo staring at us!! We then swiftly decided to move back into the tents!!

Considering we were camping we actually ate really well taking it in turns to cook each night but sand was an added ingredient in most meals which we were glad to get rid off when we got back to the mainland.

Over the 3 days we stopped at a number of nice spots on the island including Elli Creek, which is a freshwater creek with a mild current (you walk up to the start of it, jump in and then let the water carry you down to the sea!) Its great and no salt!! Although we didn't actually float right out to sea as the surrounding waters are supposedly infested with Tiger Sharks who would certainly give you a nasty nip (we saw a few of them thrashing about in the water though on the way back on the ferry!). We also stopped off at some rock pools called the Champagne Pools because of all the bubbles that are created by the crashing waves which resemble the fizz on champagne, the Pinnacles (or coloured sands as they are called because of the different colours created by various minerals), the famous Maheno shipwreck, and a couple of lakes, the very famous one being Lake Mckenzie. As I have said already our photos don't really do the place much justice as it was a very cloudy day (although we all still managed to get sunburnt!!). The water is so clear in the lake which is freshwater, and so clean that there are no fish etc, and the sand is very pure and fine, that apparently it cleans your jewellery up better than a jeweller could, of course us being backpackers don't own any proper gold or silver jewellery so it was a bit hard to put it to the test!

A great island to visit, and a great crowd of people that we shared the experience with!

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