CJ and Bexta take on the world 2004/05 travel blog

Brisbane city skyline

The Story Bridge - Brisbane

Crikey - it's Steve Irwin the mad croc hunter!

What a beaut - Steve feeding his beloved croc

Crikey - what a beaut!

Crikey that's a big one!

CJ and a roo!

Bexta and her wombat!

A Cassowary

A Tasmanian Devil

Sultan the Wedgetailed Eagle taking flight!

The eagle has landed!!

We have added some more pictures to the Byron Bay page as well now so check that out!

Brisbane is a nice city, although where are all the people? I guess because we are both so used to the noise and hussle and bustle of London that any other city seems just so deserted, well Brisbane certainly did, but maybe because it was the still the summer holidays as well probably didn't help. There is just so much more space out here!!

We spent a day chilling out in Brisbane by taking a 2 hour cruise down the river taking in the sights (not that there were too many of them), and then we headed over to the Southbank area which is an area that has been redeveloped to attract more tourists etc. There are theatres, markets, and even a man made beach and lagoon!!

The highlight of our visit to Brisbane though had to be our day trip to the Australia Zoo who is owned and run by the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. You all must have heard of him, the mad crazy Oz who swims with aligators etc!! "Crikey what a beaut!!" And we were very lucky to even see him in person, he had been doing all of the shows over the holiday period with his wife Terry, so we saw him put on another one of his crazy performances with the Crocs!! He's even crazier in real life! Whilst at the zoo we both signed up for some Wildlife Encounters - CJ and a Wedgetail Eagle, and Bexta and a Wombat. With the Eagle, CJ had to put on a leather long sleeved glove and hold a bit of meat in her hand and catch the Eagle as it was launched towards her, a beautiful bird with a wing span of over 2 metres long! Whilst Bexta finally got to pat a Wombat and fed it sweet potato!! Another top day out!!

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