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Drinks While We Wait for Bus

Waiting For Bus Yes it Was Cool/Rain!

This Game is Serious

Todra Gorge Tim & Jake on Road(See 2 Blue Shirts!)

River in Todra Gorge

Two Types of Traffic in Todra Gorge!

The Greenery Really Stands Out (So Does Bon)

Impressive Contrasts...In High Rock Canyon

Buses(3) from desert to Tinerhir, up at 7 am arrived at 2:30pm and fellow led us to Hotel de l'Avenir, very clean, mostly French(owned as well), served us tea right away even before we checked in. Journey by bus to here was thru flat flat land (black soil) interspersed with great oasies like settlements and ton's of date palms, lots of henna hand and feet tattooing...

As soon as we could we went to taxi stand, but due to lateness(330) we opted to pay for a full(6 persons) taxi and get to the Todra Gorge before it would be too late to get a return taxi...time to hike, Jake & I got up to the rock face which tower 300 mts up ABO0VE! Trying to get a taxi via phone the language got in the way, it began raining in earnest and I became it happened the fellow who called for us was keeping track of things unbeknownst to us and just as the rain began to pour big time the taxi arrived. Impressive gorge into a valley floor of dense green, date palms and other crops!

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