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We had mixed emotions about arriving back in So. Cal. Obviously the heat and fires were a big negative for us. Not the actual physical experience, but the emotions of seeing so many people and animals loosing so much and all the pain they have to indure. We were in an RV park up a very dry canyon with a lot of trees and brush. We had no TV and virtually no cel phone reception. There was a lot of smoke moving up the canyon at one time that caused me a great deal of concern. I wasn't sure if we needed to respond to that or not. As it turned out, we were fine, but the not knowing was a killer.

Our trip this summer has been great. We saw so many beautiful places. I was asked what area I liked the best. I hesitated before responding, and said Washington. The Olympic Penninsula to be exact. The response was that I probably liked it the best because we have property there. The oposite is true. We bought property there because we liked it the best. There were mountains that were more majestic, trees that were larger, and animals more plentiful else where, but the overall package was better in Port Angeles. It offers us all the things we love. We have some seclusion, yet with a nearby town. We have the woods, rivers, lakes, and Ocean. We were on the property walking through the trees listening to a Freighters fog horn one foggy morning. All in all, it's the best. I think we knew we had found the right place shortly after arriving there.

We've moved on now and are in Buellton. It's a little town just a short distance from Solvang. Solvang is a little Dutch Village. The only negative is all the noise. Those little wooden shoes sure can clank when walking on pavement. Talk about pastries this is the place to gain weight for sure. I thought briefly of loosing weight, but after the strong winds, I've decided it might be better to maintain some ballast. I think I may have seen several skinny people beiing blown through the air. Dang, maybe they were witches. That would explain the broom wouldn't it? I saw one on a hoover with a long cord. That one may have been from a better neighborhood.

Well, that's it for now. Raise your hand if you want more pictures of Zion? Ouch!! Be good, and be safe out there. Cricket and crew.

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