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In the last two weeks or so since we last wrote: we have sailed through the skies, walked in the footsteps of one of the most influential religious leaders of all time, walked the banks of one of the world's most holy cities, and seen one of the majestic wonders of the world. Not bad for a couple of travelling hobos.

We had some extra days in Pokhara, Nepal so we decided to try our hands at paragliding. Since neither of us had ever tried before we weren't really sure what to expect, except of course, that it would be cool. Well, let me tell you.. It was FREAKIN cool!!! We each had our one pilot that we were strapped to, Tanya with a local Nepali pilot, and Darren with a veteran paraglider from Switzerland. The feeling of running forward to a cliff, only to find your feet dangling in front of you mere seconds later was a rush all in itself. Our rides lasted over half an hour, during which time our pilots tried to take us higher (or faster) through the themal lifts. Imagine all of the coolest rides or roller coasters you have been on in your life. Now times that by 10 and imagine doing it for over 30 minutes. Incredible!! Just near the end of our flights, Sebastian, my well trained Swiss pilot of over 20 years, asked me if I wished to see how manouverable the gliders really were ( since I had asked him earlier if he has much control or if it merely takes him "where the wind blows", so to speak. The results: I was yelling and had a permagrin at the same time while trying ferociously to withold my earlier lunch from becoming a facemask on my unsuspecting pilot. I was able to hold back my cookies, but my stomach was still doing backflips when my feet hit the Earth. Sebastian later laughed while remarking that we had nearly been totally vertical UPSIDE DOWN but that he had held back since he had a newbie with him. Man, it is going to be totally hard to top the wonders of Nepal....but onward towards the mass of land they call India.

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