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Deliverance style riverside pub

Cesky Krumlov evening light

Well... Cesky Krumlov is hands down the funniest place on my trip so far...

On the way there, I saw a bear from our bus! At least I think it was a bear.

Being geographically ignorant, I wasn't sure if bears are normal things to be seeing... so I decided I wouldn't mention it to the tour group.

To explain why I kept this to myself, a bit of background is required - there were 3 Jennifer's on our trip, and two of them were known by location, ie Tassie Jen, and Sydney Jen, but I seemed to develop the nickname as drunken Jen.

I'm mystified as to how this happened. I really am.

Sooooo, as it was I was having a few issues being taken seriously (as much as I require for free and open speech), so it was only after we arrived at our hotel and Nika mentioned that bears roam free here that I felt comfortable relating my previous experience. This only got jeers and insults! They were upset they had missed seeing the bear. Somedays you just can't win....

We all went on a rafting trip in the afternoon, which was set up to be a great trip from the start when they handed us bottles of rum, and pointed us to the river. No safety checks, no worries! They didn't even escort us to the boats! hahahah...

One of us needed a hat, so she went off to buy one. She brought back a rather plain hat but was pleased as she said it was one she managed to pick up quite quickly. Unbeknownst to her we later discovered that written across her hat was the rather charming words "Chip Chip Motherf&*ker"!

Needless to say she had thought it was Czech, so after much laughter this became our toasting motto.

The main goal of the rafting trip was to pub crawl our way down the river drinking in the sunshine. An excellent plan by any standard.

My boat had a rather enthusiastic self-appointed captain, who was upset easily if people were not paying enough attention to steering (which btw was me hahaha...), at least we had the rum, and as I kept passing it to him the instructions became more and more relaxed....until finally he had given up on the orders and abusive retorts to our threats of mutiny and started to laugh and giggle about random things like the tomatoes we saw floating down the river.

The first (and last) pub we stopped at was set in the bush right next to the river. It had a somewhat "deliverance" feel about it (as one of the group mentioned).. but the beer was genorously sized, cheap, and cold... so we settled in.

Upon returning from getting beer, the irony of my wardrobe choice that day was pointed out to me with much laughter. Totally randomly I had worn a t-shirt I had been given by Shaun that had "Hillbilly.... Squeal like a Pig..." written across it....


To cut a long story short, I'll skip to the part where we decided to relaunch our boat (from a steep bank) after a significant amount of beer.

We were all so "happy" that I came up with the brilliant plan to save time by all of us getting in the boat and we would just slide down the bank into the water (think 60 deg 2m drop - or at least thats how I rememeber it!).....

Well, our previous captain thought this was a great idea.

Unfortunately however, he didn't wait until we were all in the boat before he launched us.

One of us landed face first into the folds of the boat (and stayed that way as we were all laughing too hard to provide much needed assistance).. I was firmly sitting in the boat... and the captain and co-captain were left standing on the bank.

The other half of our party had successfully launched their boat, and were quite literally, merrily merrily rowing away.

No real harm done, (well not to my face anyway) and we did manage to get back to pick up the others eventually. I'm still laughing about that.

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