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I arrived in London at 6am, and after Hong Kong and a 13 hour flight was feeling a little spaced out. I can sometimes not sleep for days when I get excited about stuff... well actually longer than that.

My first few hours here were quite difficult, I won't bore you with details, but I basically had no access to any money. In London, money is the one thing you really really need. I did manage to overcome this eventually but issues with banking have followed me everywhere. I must of ticked a special box when I left NZ.

London though - What a cool place. You can get anywhere you like so easily! and if you are a geographically challenged muppet (like me) backtracking is NO PROBLEM!... there were many trips that involved ant-like paths but at least I got to see some amusing sites and dress sense (as is the pleasure of unexpected twists in a journey).

I loved London mostly because of the art - you can actually see the brush strokes made by all the great names... Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Gaugin, Picasso, Michelangelo (a personal fav)... absolutely stunning exhibits of dinosaurs, architecture, monkeys (especially the mighty chimp)....

I really had to fight the urge to touch everything... they seem to take a rather dim view of sticky foreign fingers handling very old stuff here... and I wasn't really all that keen on being dragged out the door by my ear while pompous arty types looked on with disdain. So hands in pockets...

Even the avant-garde stuff (which to be honest, most of it I could make with the spare parts of someones washing machine.. a bit of paint.. and some cryptic commentary on my "motivation"... You can't handle that either. Bah.

My second favourite thing about London was the different cultures. Unfortunately I couldn't impress anyone with my Spanish here (not that I have anywhere else mind..), but I was able to practise it (using that term loosely....).

I met some cool French and Spanish people where I was staying who I will go and visit in their own countries at some stage hopefully.

I also managed to go on a Jack the Ripper walk and actually stand in the spots where the bodies were found... Kinda creepy... and most of it is still exactly the same as it was back then. I walked right past the Church where some of the prostitutes he killed used to walk around while they were waiting for business...

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