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Giant Buddha

Wisdom Walk

Hong Kong is great.... a shoppers dream... a place where you can dress your dog in ridiculous outfits... you can stay out till all hours... you can eat anything...

I found myself wearing out the shoe leather (as they say) ALOT here. So much so that I felt like I had broken my foot at one stage. However every time I swore that THAT was the last shop....definitely... I soon diverted into another... took a long time for me to get anywhere.

That I suppose though, is the beauty of being alone... no-ones waiting for you!

Visited the Giant Buddha, and it was a really great view from the top. It was hard to attain that special sense of "peace" though... as there were English tourists everywhere... and you know... well... they just don't tend to see the silver lining in life.

I had lunch with the Buddist Monks.. well it was supposed to be with the Monks, but they seemed to enjoy walking around in a complex and aloof way... away from the riff raff unlightened ones. So I ended up with an Australian couple instead. It was really nice, they had been living overseas for a few years, and like most people had decided it was time to return home to get married.

After that I went on the "Wisdom Walk"....(where everyone who walks it is supposed to attain wisdom and enlightenment)... I guess I could say I felt very wise afterward... but if I am honest I probably just sat in the sun and scratched myself.

The ironic thing being that immediately after this attaining wisdom business... having thought to myself "I'll just follow the same path back... there is no way I could bugger this up and get lost (Lantau Island being really tiny)....

I still managed to get lost.

Ended up in the middle of no-where with signs on the fence saying encouraging things like "RESTRICTED AREA" ... "No Access"...


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