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Today started with a lazy breakfast. Rory's dad had gone out early and Claudine had gone to run some errands having frightened the living daylights out of me knocking on my window as she'd locked herself out! She ended up being back a lot earlier than planned so had breakfast with us! Claudine needed to go into work to finish off some stuff so Elaine said she'd come meet us and take us back to the farm after showing us around Bloemfontein. Claudine said she'd meet us there later.

In the end we didn't leave the house until about 12pm and then I remembered the place down the road with the lions and tiger! Low and behold there was a lion sunning herself and just in the next field was the tiger! All a bit weird especially as tigers are not native to South Africa!

We then headed into town. None of us had really realised what time it was but when we did we decided to call Elaine and arrange to meet for lunch. We went via a couple of shops including Rory's so mum could see some of his beautiful jewellery.

We met Elaine at the Olive Garden which is a gallery come function room come cafe with beautiful gardens! We had a lovely lunch and it was a great place for Mum and Elaine to meet for the first time. Now with most of the day gone Claudine finally headed off to work and started our journey to Ladybrand to Claudine's parents farm and a few days of relaxation!

The drive to the farm was about an hour. Elaine pointed out the national flower to us - the plastic bag! This made us laugh but it was true that there was a lot of them lying aroung on the side of the road near the outlying townships.

When we arrived at the farm the boys were still out working so we stopped at the dairy to say hello to them and see Howard's prize winning Saintas Gertrudas cow who won best cow in the Country in the Pretoria Show in September. After unloading our stuff we headed up the garden to see Claudine's nan. We had tea and homemade cakes - very yummy!

Supper was a good farmhouse omelette which was lovely. It was lovely to be back in Ladybrand!!!

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