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Can I come in?

Sunday 14th October 2007 Weather:- Sunny 21 degrees

(Suitcase) Oh I had an exciting time. I got away from those two old foggies and realy enjoyed myself in Rome---well not Rome realy, just the airport. First they dumped me on a long conveyer belt, after which I had a tour of Fiumicino Airport on a tractor/trailer then while we were driving around the Tarmac I decided that if I hopped of the trailer now I might just get away by myself for a while, if I go home with those two aged party poopers they will hide me in the wardrobe again for the next 18months, it is dark in there and I just want to have some fun. All went well untill it started pouring with rain and I and all my contents got soaking wet. I was nearly run over by a big aeroplane as well, so when they finally spotted me and took me back inside I was rather glad. 3 days they made me wait untill they found room in the plane to take me home. Anyway I am glad that I am back at home because next time they may take me on another exciting holiday.

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