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Michelle up front, Rich in the middle, we're bringing up the rear

Tilly, our kitty is comfortable in Joe's new recliner

Brie, Michelle's kitty in her traveling cage

getting near the Colorado River crossing


here we go (again) into Arizona

we are going to the head of the pack


Hey Michelle, let us get into the lead!

We completed our three month Work Kamper position at Lake Casitas on Sept. 17th. We ended up spending an additional four nights in a State campground near our boat so that we could complete our boat projects and clean things up so we could leave Ventura.

We headed for Lompoc (Calif) on Sept. 20th and parked the motor home in front of our daughter and son-in-law's house in order to help them pack to move to Colorado Springs.

On October 5th, we left Lompoc at 7:15 am heading for Kingman, Arizona for our first stop.

There were three of us in the caravan. Michelle with the horse trailer (full of household stuff and Oak wood) Rich towing thier fishing boat. Joe and Sandi in the motor home towing thier Ranger pickup. Each of us had a pet. Michelle had Bella, the 13 1/2 year old dog, Rich had Chloe, the 12 year old kitty and Joe and Sandi had Brie, the 13 year old kitty.

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