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Thursday 11th October 2007 Weather: - 18 degrees--Drizzle/Sunny

(J) Well we are home----But one of our suitcases has decided it likes to travel and it has gone on to another destination without us----Hope it gets home sick and decides to follow us home, I don't mind if it wants to travel on, even though it is my favourite case, just my size, small and dumpy but I will miss its contents. We touched down at 6:15am and after a long wait for our absent suitcase we finally went through customs to be met by Willie and Rosalie. When approaching our home (in the middle of the city for those of you who don't know) my thoughts were "it must be a public holiday—where are all the cars, where is the traffic?" Then the penny dropped----I was back in Adelaide!!!

We do not have St Peters Basilica, or the Grand Canal of Venice, we only have a few masterpieces in our art gallery in comparison to all the grand places we have been to, Adelaide does remind you in some places of Tuscany, just without the hills and Yes, we do suffer from graffiti but we have the option of quickly painting over it, it lessens the overall effect, we have lots of social problems as most cities have, but in general life is easy, it is a good place to bring up a family and still give you time at the end of the day to enjoy life with them. There are no hassles to drive from here to there; parking is orderly unless you want to be fined. Keeping to the speed limit is a good idea, unless you want to contribute to the government money coffers, or you do not mind losing your drivers licence, but it works and it works fine for me.

Herman and I have had the holiday of a lifetime and we enjoyed every minute of it; even the frustrations; for what is the saying 'you can't have a high without a low' but it will certainly give us a lot of reasons to smile and laugh about in the years to come so we may be home but the enjoyment will stay with us for the rest of our life.

12th October 2007

Suitcase Update:- Our errant bag must have decided that it liked Rome and stayed on---they are kicking it out as it does not have a visa so it will be home on Sunday; I am keeping my fingers crossed. Regards to all Judy

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