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Bon, What is this?

It's another day...after 5 hour bus ride and stop for dinner-Ramadan everyone eats as soon after sunset as possible-very nice Hotel Maroc central to everything, nice people, day up and to CTM bus station, took us 2 hours and 3 buses what with language separation and all...nice gal at station helped us get tickets for 11th to Casablanca where we pick up Jake at midnite, and also tickets from Casa to Fes since it will be the end of Ramadan and we guess transport may be difficult since everyone travels home for Eid (At the end of Ramadan, Muslims throughout the world have a joyous three-day celebration called Eid al-Fitr (the Festival of Fast-Breaking) when Muslims celebrate big time.

Went to Bab al-Monsour Gate built in 1600s by Mooulay Ismail founder of dynasty that rules to this day...

Great walk thru Souk/marketplace...jammed with people getting gifts(its like their Xmas),saw at least 4 yelling fights one involved a kid with bloody head...this is about 5 pm Bon theory is that with fasting all day and even no water tempers are short, people get irritable especially in these crouds...

Moroccans generally are very friendly/helpful...older women stay to themselves, younger people more open...Morocco is in the top 25 countries under severe water stress, evidence is Chef we saw an old aquaduct leading from mtns totally dry, presumably supplied the town once now water comes from wells. The marginal agriculture practices by the poor on steep mtn sides seems to rely on mtn springs brought to the slopes via plastic tubing...also harvesting wood from these same slopes, goats grazing, all placing a heavy burden on this land. We saw goat herds/herders moving their goats many Kms to the mtn hillsides. On the bus I saw no rivers/streams running, only standing pools here and is quite evident to me that the struggle for survival here will center on water and the tug-of-war between city and rural needs as the country relies more and more on tourists/city type income...much like the struggles in Sudan only there it is betw the herders and the farmers.

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