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On Track Uphill Overlooking Choef

Rif Mtns

Flower at Top of Climb

Bon & Tim Top of Climb

Tim & Peak of Climb

Bon Coming Down From Top

Plant on Top

Closeup of Plant

Looking Up At Peak & Bon

Looking Down on Chef

View of Locals From Restaurant in Chef Central Sq

More Locals

More Locals

More Locals

More Locals

More Locals

Chef Famous for its Blue & Mari & Tim, Ha

Entry to Our Pension

View From Tower of Central Mosque

View From Tower of Central Mosque

Bus to this big village(30,000) in the foothills of Rif Mtns. Picturesque, everything is either up or down, steep...stayed in a nice pension, the Mouritania in the medina(old town, narrow winding alley ways) walls all blue/white to reduce heat and disease...Lots more traditional Muslem dress, also more tourists...met Japanese fellow, Poles, Brits, Slovac, Irish, and Spanish in yet we are the only Gringos.

Next day(7th) Bon and I climbed 1616 meter high Jebel el-Kelaa which overlooks town...we thot it would start as a road and become a was a rocky, zig zag road all but the last pitch up up up, left at 10 30 got back exhausted at 6 30...Most interesting part was view from top but due to the time I was a bit of a twit and we were at top I think 15 minutes(Bon claims 10 minutes is a stretch, ha). I enjoyed watching the goat herds/herders on the way down...Bon took note of the unusual flowers(2)...

Next morning...sitting in restaurant on plaza across from main mosque(400 plus years old)omelette,fresh squeezed orange juice,toast,Moroccans going to/from market-very busy being Ramadam-listening to shushush as workers put fresh stucco on mosque,cats everywhere looking for handouts among the restaurant tables-at least 8 restaurants along plaza all with outdoor seating.

Before heading away we toured town...women washing clothes in river hut, man washing a carpet/rug, donkeys hauling LP to homes in medina.

Later 3 30 caught what one Moroccan on board who spoke some English called the chicken bus, ha loaded with Meknes, 5 hours got us there, dark...Bon laughing, the taxi drivers neither asked nor even seemed interested in us, ha a first...finally one motioned to get in and took us right where we asked, Hotel Maroc...very nice quiet yet right in the middle of everything.

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