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Leaving Spain on Ferry #634

Arrive Tangier on Ferry

Tim & Reorganizing Packs #637

The coast along S Spain is very Southern California ish...this typing is going to be a in internet and keys are very different...hunt and peck...can not find, aha was going to say comma, ha...every key has at least 3/4 characters...hmmm

As I was saying Spain was a good decompression time, adjust to in ferry and fellows jumped us to go to their hotel...we wanted IYH but they said it was closed, finally fellow agreed but yes, it was closed so for another fair he took us the long way around to our 2nd choice...ah, yes the fun of it all. Stayed in Victoria Hotel which we found the next day was only a short walk from IYH, ha

Tangiers is just a big city...ATMs everywhere...Lonely Planet Guide(LP henceforth) said there were only 3/4...of course that was a year or more ago.

Mari here; Two happenings on the bus to Gibraltar; there were two Fresno State University students next to us; both guys are doing a semester abroad. They were surprized when I told them I was also an FSU Bulldog. Next I was joined by a woman fro, Carmel, CA; We had a nice visit especially when she told me her husband is ex CIA from the 1960s thru early 80s. He is disgusted with what is happening today.

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