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Saturday 6th October 2007 Weather: - Hot and Humid

(J) After a glimpse at the weather forecast it seems that it may be raining on Sunday so we decided that we had better go to the Colosseum today instead of tomorrow. A late departure from home was made because we had to get some cash before our adventures today and the first 3 Bancomats refused to spit out any money, maybe we were not smiling for the cameras enough, anyway the fourth one liked us and helped us on our travels.

By the time we reached the Colosseum the rest of the world had gotten there before us, long line ups but they moved along at a very good pace. First the line up was for tickets, then another line up for audio phones. It is interesting to stand in the queues and to hear people from other countries describe the places that they and maybe you have been to see and to listen to all the different views of the same things.

The Colosseum is the perfect vehicle that lets all other generation know how clever people were 2000 years ago. The grandness of scale, the design of the building and the ingenuity it took to get it built; apart from all the debauchery that went on in there. They could even water proof the base of it, flood the place and have mock naval battles. It took 10 years to build (AD69-79) and to really top it off literally, they had installed 240 masts on the top layer that would hold a large canvas roof to shield the spectators from sun and rain. There is so much left standing, even after a few earthquakes, the passing of 600 years when quarrying started from it for the travertine and marble that was then used for other buildings that were in the process of being built. Finally Pope Benedict XIV consecrated it so now it is being conserved.

The general view that people have is how grand life was and how clever they all were but I ask the questions "What kind of people could sit in those seats and watch other people being hacked to death, arms chopped of, people screaming in agony? Some people would have tried to fight for their lives and others just giving up without a struggle. Animals tearing people apart, how could that have been entertaining to watch? What were they thinking off, to even come up with the ideas? These builders and viewers came from the same people, our ancestors. What are we capable of!!!! It is scary. But then when I think about it, it is only a real life version of our computer games, just with better graphics.

We are starting to get a little travel weary so our next stop was a theatre. It was called the 'Time Elevator' and it gives you a ride through time, 2750 years to be precise, and tells you the history of Rome. All the time while you are sitting there your seat is rock and rolling and bucking beneath you as the time machine flies over ancient to modern Rome. They even give you a little sprinkle of water during a raining scene, all in an effort to make you think that you are living in a time machine. It was another new experience and the history was well received but a little less rock and rolling would have been even better.

After that we struggled of home and we are not going out anymore today, the oldies are pooped out, we give up to Italian TV and a rest.

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