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In the cockpit with Dylan

Sunset after a long day at sea

Jam sessions on board

Dylan in disguise!

Sunsets lovely sunsets

Fijians love volleyball

Wakeboarding behind the dinghy!

Sailing is hard work

Climbing the mast...scary scary

Me & Sylvia

The trusty dinghy on shore

Surf Islands

I love hammocks

REALLY love hammocks

Sunset clouds

Musket cove sunset

The regatta race to Beachcomber

Another sunset!

Another sunset!











Frans fixing his kite



Teaching Dylan to back float







I've finally returned to civilization after a month of sailing throughout the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands in Fiji. Surprisingly, not every place on this earth is blessed (or cursed) with internet availability. These islands were the perfect getaway from the rush of the "real world".

I joined "Yacht Moet" on Sept 6th where we set sail for a month long tour of some of the most picturesque Fijian islands. There were 6 1/2 of us on board Moet...6 adults and 3-year old Dylan who was raised at sea and will finally get to live in his first house in New Zealand next month!

You could say we were a mixed crew: Me (the only American), Georg from Austria, Nic from Australia, Scott from New Zealand, Sylvia from England, and Frans from Holland...oh yes, and Dylan who is officially a Kiwi though he's never lived in NZ.

We joked that this was a trip for "purist" sailing...meaning, the engine broke down last week, so we won't be motoring anywhere fast! Not to mention, Moet hasn't had many technological updates since the early 70's, so with we navigated Fiji's reef ridden waters with a GPS and paper charts.

What started out as an interesting adventure on a sailing yacht through Fiji, quickly turned into a trip that would push our comfort levels and show us a side of Fiji unaccessible without a yacht...plus, we got to learn a bit about sailing along the way!

Where do I start? I learned to windsurf and wakeboard in the first week...and managed to squeeze in a few early morning reef dives as well. By week two we had visited our first village and gave sevusevu to the chief so that he would grant us access to his islands. We finally caught our first fish by the end of week two...by far the best dinner one can ask for at sea. We visited uninhabited islands, climbed peaks with no trails in site, stayed at a kava ceremony with the locals until we could barely walk home...the list goes on and on.

There is so much more to say about Fiji...and I still have a week left.

Stay tuned for more pictures and stories...the internet connection is SLOW here, so be patient!



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